Our plan on a page was created by youth for youth alongside our leadership table, as we worked to identify our key areas and the need for change. 

Accessing resources, supports & safe spaces is a priority for the youth in our community as they transition from high school to employment and/or post secondary education. This process can be guided in different directions by creating more awareness, collaborating with different community service providers, and ensuring that youth are supported on their personal journeys, have the tools and resources at arms reach. 

Our potential end goals to expand employment and educational opportunities for youth, will ensure we meet youth by where they are at to help direct them as they choose their own paths, and by valuing the importance of an inclusive safe spaces for all youth in our community of Regina. 

We also honour the statement created by Treaty 6 commissioners, “As Long as The Sun Shines, The Grass Grows and The River Flows”, by aligning CBYF Regina in continuing our support of one another to ensure that we create possibilities for the next leaders and our future youth.